BARA·MED Designs a Complete Line of Hyperbaric Chambers and Accessories.

For over forty years, BARA·MED has supplied the most advanced hyperbaric chambers to the clinical and dive market at home and abroad. Each chamber is designed to maximize safety and patient comfort, while being the most cost-effective because of its low oxygen consumption operation. BARA·MED’s multidisciplinary team of experts is dedicated to advancing hyperbaric oxygen therapy use in the clinical setting, reaffirming our commitment to deliver tomorrow’s hyperbaric chamber solutions for the needs of today.

  • BARA-MED Select Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

    BARA-MED SELECT Hyperbaric Chamber
    The BARA-MED Select is the first computer-driven HBOT chamber in the world. The only automated system on the market, the BARA-MED Select liberates physicians from manually activating every step of the process. Hospitals save time and resources.

  • BARA-MED Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

    BARA-MED Standard Hyperbaric Chamber
    Provides most of the advantages of the BARA-MED Select but with a 30” tube that will accommodate a 500 lb patient weight limit. BARA·MED’s BARA-MED standard chamber features our exclusive BARA-PRESS software and SMOOTH-RIDE technology.

  • Hyperbaric Chamber Accessories

    Hyperbaric Chamber Accessories
    Mattresses, pillows, covers and other accessories for hyperbaric chambers.