Installation of BARA·MED monoplace hyperbaric chambers

Installation of the BARA·MED BARA-MED hyperbaric monoplace chambers in a U.S. based health care facility must comply with various facility requirements.
The facility is recommended to be in compliance with NFPA-99 2012 Edition, Chapter 14 code. Compliance and approvals with local community building standards and local and state Department of Health regulations are required.
General space requirements for a monoplace hyperbaric medical installation, a number of factors should be considered.
The room containing the hyperbaric monoplace or multiplace chamber(s) should be used exclusively for the conduct of hyperbaric oxygen therapy; other items for consideration are listed below:

  1. Space for room design should be adequate to house the number of chambers anticipated to be located in the room
  2. The plan for “patient work flow” is a key factor in designing the treatment area
  3. The operation of the chamber and patient transfer gurney, placement of medical monitoring and/or patient-support systems, patient management in a contingency situation, patient entertainment equipment and access to/from the traffic flow in the room will require 800 to 1,200 square feet of space
  4. Associated functions that should be considered in the HBOT room include: gurney storage, reception desk, patient waiting area, holding area for inpatients if they are to be treated by the hyperbaric service, patient toilet facilities, patient changing facilities, security for patient valuables, staff toilet facilities, consultation / treatment rooms, general storage space, soiled holding area, staff hand washing station, housekeeping utilities, air cylinder room if necessary to supply back-up air supply and treatment records storage space.
  5. The HBOT room design should include all Patient Health Information privacy and HIPAA requirements. The BARA-MED Select HBOT Chamber weighs 2,162 lbs.
  6. The BARA·MED chamber will fit through a standard 42” doorway
  7. The BARA·MED Chamber will require an elevator large enough to fit the chamber if going on a 2nd or higher floor in a Hospital or Medical Office building.

Chamber Space Requirement

Without concern for gurney storage when it is not in use, an absolute minimum space of 17’ x 7’ 8” (5182mm x 2337mm) is required for a single chamber and patient-transfer gurney. As the gurney is only transiently placed behind the chamber (i.e. to move the patient into and out of it). For optimal use, a somewhat larger space than the minimum is recommended (e.g. 20’ x 9’ (6096mm x 2744mm)).
Oxygen Requirements

  • Hospital Gas Supply should be delivered at 50 to 100 psi in a dedicated line to each chamber
  • Each Chamber will require a dedicated vent line to release the oxygen after treatment