For target markets in the Middle East, South America, Central America, Asia Pacific, Europe.

BARA·MED has a great opportunity for medical equipment and hyperbaric chamber distributors to market and sell our monoplace computerized hyperbaric chambers.
Our Product:
BARA-MED line of hyperbaric chambers:

  • Includes the BARA•PRESS computerized control system;
    • Objective, auditable record of treatments (even when not tied into an EMR system)
    • Tamperproof, hard copy record document
    • Improved overall recordkeeping accuracy
    • Medical record software interface
  • SMOOTH RIDE curvilinear compression profile reduces all barotraumas by 67%
  • Greater relative patient volume
  • Passive pressure relief mattress, which safely treats wider patient profile
  • Scoop litter and effective rail placement optimizes available space
  • Lower oxygen consumption / ventilation rate of 90–400 SLPM reduces oxygen consumption

Ideal Hyperbaric Chamber Distributors Profile:
The distributor should match the majority of the following characteristics:

  • Commitment to the sales of BARA·MED’s hyperbaric chambers in the agreed channels
  • Will actively market to the target customers
  • Aggressive sales approach and vision for innovation
  • Preference for distributors with experience in Capital Medical Equipment
  • Established relationship with top hospital facilities