The first state-of-the-art computerized hyperbaric chamber.

All BARA·MED are designed to treat patients in safe and effective clinical HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) environments, up to an atmosphere of 3 atmospheres absolute (ATA).
BARA·MED’s Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers are designed to meet or exceed stringent hyperbaric engineering design and fabrication standards for health care facilities, as required by ASME PVHO-1 and National Fire Protection Association standards for health care facilities (NFPA 99, Chapter 14).

  • BARA-MED Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber
  • BARA-MED Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

BARA·MED’s Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers come with installation and operator training on standard and contingency operation and on basic care of the hyperbaric chamber. Learn more about BARA·MED Hyperbaric Chamber Training Programs

Each BARA-MED Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber Includes:

  • Includes the BARA•PRESS computerized control system which provides:
    • An objective, auditable record of treatments (even when not tied into an EMR system)
    • A tamperproof, hard copy record document
    • An improved overall recordkeeping accuracy
    • A medical record software interface
  • SMOOTH RIDE curvilinear compression profile reduces all barotraumas by 67%*
  • Greater relative patient volume
  • Passive pressure relief mattress, which safely treats wider patient profile
  • Scoop litter and effective rail placement optimizes available space
  • Lower oxygen consumption/ventilation rate of 90–400 SLPM reduces oxygen consumption

Hyperbaric Chamber Features

BARA·MED’s Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers are designed to function as an extension of the hospital’s clinical HBOT environment, incorporating a variety of features to ensure ease of use.
They include a patient call button, two-way communication, auxiliary audio input, wedge cushion, hyperbaric pillow, gas selection panel, airbreak system.
Easy Access with Convenient Ingress and Egress for HBOT Patients and Support Technicians
The 500-pound capacity, adjustable-height gurney with the range from a low of 28-3/8 inches to a high of 41-3/4 inches height offers easy ingress and egress for HBOT patients. This adjustable gurney and litter assures that your HBOT patients can easily and comfortably transfer from either standing or sitting position to the gurney. The Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber ensures a footprint, which provides ample space for the HBOT technician to move between two chambers even in the tight spaces.
Accurate, Reliable, Reproducible HBOT Treatments
BARA·MED chambers use computerized hyperbaric control software on industrial grade computers to provide accurate, reliable, reproducible treatments. An integral part of this computer operated system is the SMOOTH RIDE compression protocol. Independent research has shown that the SMOOTH RIDE compression profile reduces complications with middle ear barotrauma, the most common problem in hyperbaric medicine, by two-thirds. A manual pneumatic backup control system is also integrated into this chamber system.

*Zwart BP. The SMOOTH RIDE profile: Development, implementation and evaluation of a hyperbaric chamber descent and ascent based on a constant rate of volume change with time. Davis Hyperbaric Laboratory Report, Brooks AFB, Texas, 1998.