To be the technological and quality leader in each of the markets we serve which will make our world a safer, more productive and friendlier place. To continuously develop and evolve the state of technology of the products we produce to the benefit of our customers. The company is dedicated to being a good citizen of the world in all that we do including every interaction with our valued customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders and community, so that each interaction is a positive and rewarding experience, thereby creating maximum value for our stockholders.
BARA·MED conducts each and every interaction with employees, customers, suppliers and business partners with the utmost integrity. There is no qualifier for upholding integrity – It is in the fabric of how we conduct business and of the very people that we are.

  • Honesty and integrity. We are honest and upfront in all dealings.
  • Equitable and Impartial. We treat all people the same including employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Just and reasonable. We are open and transparent. Internally and externally.

By bringing our personal best in integrity to our business we hold ourselves and thus the company to a higher standard of performance leading to constant innovation in everything we do. From internal policies to product improvements to entirely new solutions for new markets – innovation is the cornerstone of BARA·MED.

  • We constantly strive to improve our products, technologies, our working environment and the world we live in.
  • Every employee is provided with the best working environment and the latest and best tools.
  • We understand and accept that innovation involves risk, individuals are not criticized or punished for failure or mistakes.
  • Every individual is encouraged to express and share their ideas. We achieve innovation through listening. We look everywhere for innovation – our people, our network of subcontractors and business to business partners, through our network of university partners, competitors and most importantly our customers.
  • Every employee is encouraged to communicate directly with every other employee. Organizational charts are not to limit direct and open communications.


  • Our goal is that every employee feels and performs as if BARA·MED is their company.
  • Our governance structure promotes a culture that values innovation, personal ownership, integrity, ethics, compliance, accountability, and stewardship.
  • Our work environment provides to the extent practicable, that internal policy and benefit programs are discussed and handled by employee committees.