BARA·MED’s Hyperbaric Chamber Customer Testimonials


We have established a strong, beneficial relationship with BARA·MED for many years, and have found their staff to be professional, reputable and very customer service driven.
The BARA·MED Technicians have been knowledgeable, reliable and are always ready to assist us immediately by phone when needed.
We have been extremely satisfied with the BARA·MED chambers and equipment, as they provide us with state-of-the-art hyperbaric treatment to our patients. The outcome has been a very positive experience for both our staff and patients.”

Bob Toth, RRT, CHT
Hyperbaric Medicine Coordinator
St. Luke’s University Hospital, Allentown, PA

We have been involved with the installation and operation of 21 BARA-MED XD Chambers in 9 free standing locations.
In 7 years we have had zero complaints as to support and maintenance by BARA·MED. Any questions are answered immediately by phone by knowledgeable technicians.
The chambers are very user friendly; with a couple touches of the computer screen, the patient’s dive is underway, and with the computer running the dive, very few patients have difficulty clearing their ears. Patients love the spacious chamber with the wide open feel of the clear acrylic cylinder.
We plan on continuing the use of BARA·MED chambers in all our future installations.”

Pete Stephens, MD
Hyperbaric Therapy of the Lowcountry

I would like to commend you on a fine product. Since the BARA-MED Select was installed and we began treating patients, [the chambers] have been well-received by the patients and our CHTs. They are easy to use and very intuitive from an operational standpoint. The CHTs are impressed with the in-depth training offered and the easy daily operation of the chambers. The controls are well-thought-out and easy to read, providing a clear visual.”

Chuck Stroup, BS, ACHRN, Manager
Saint Joseph’s Hospital HBO/Wound Care/Neurodiagnostics and Sleep

We are extremely elated with the BARA·MED chambers as they provide us with state-of-the-art hyperbaric treatment. The size of the chambers allows comfort to the patient as well as ease of operation for the staff. The convenience of storing the gurney below the chamber is an additional perk and a space saver. The computerized system makes operation of the chambers precise and convenient. We would highly recommend BARA·MED.”

Mario Markovic, MS, SM(ASCP)MT
Administrative Director of Laboratory Medicine and Pulmonary Services,
St. Vincent Charity Medical Center

BARA·MED has made a revolutionary contribution to hyperbaric medicine with SMOOTH RIDE compression protocol. Our incidence of patient ear discomfort has been significantly reduced.”

Glenn Butler, Founder and CEO of Life Support Technologies Group
Founding Member of the Certified Hyperbaric Technologist Credential, CHT# 12
Member of The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Safety Committee