The first state-of-the-art computerized hyperbaric chamber.

The BARA-MED Select is the first computer-driven hyperbaric chamber in the world.
The only automated system on the market, the BARA-MED Select liberates physicians from manually activating every step of the process. Hospitals save time and resources.

  • BARA-MED Select Hyperbaric Chamber
  • BARA-MED Select Hyperbaric Chamber

The O.S.C.A.R. computerized control system streamlines patient care.
Objective, auditable record of treatments | Tamperproof, hard copy treatment record | Improved overall recordkeeping accuracy | Medical record software interface
A record-setter for patient continuation rates.
The chamber’s exclusive SMOOTH RIDE technology reduces the incidence of barotrauma by 67 percent*, prompting more patients to finish treatment. SMOOTH RIDE creates a curvilinear compression protocol.
The industry leader for efficiency, BARA·MED’s hyperbaric chambers save hyperbaric therapy customers approximately $8000 per year in oxygen costs**.
The BARA-MED Select runs as efficiently as technologically possible, consuming 90 liters of oxygen per minute compared to 240 liters in competing chambers.
Remote online diagnostic capabilities reduce downtime.
Tune-ups and repairs occur without transporting the chamber, reducing downtime to mere hours, compared to days with competing hyperbaric chambers.
BARA-MED Select features

  • Gurney undercarriage storage*** optimizes workflow
  • SMOOTH RIDE curvilinear compression profile reduces the incidence of barotrauma by 67 percent*
  • Passive pressure relief mattress safely treats wider patient profile
  • Greater patient internal volume
  • Scoop litter and effective rail placement optimizes space
  • Saves operational costs year after year due to lower oxygen consumption
  • Patient capacity up to 700 pounds

*Zwart BP. The SMOOTH RIDE profile: Development, implementation and evaluation of a hyperbaric chamber descent and ascent based on a constant rate of volume change with time. Davis Hyperbaric Laboratory Report, Brooks AFB, Texas, 1998.

**based off the average cost of gas multiplied by the difference of the flow through rate of our competitors and our chambers.

*** Patent No. 9,138,366