Hyperbaric Chamber Covers and Pillows


Hyperbaric Chamber Cover

BARA·MED can supply a chamber cover to protect the acrylic during non-working hours.

Hyperbaric Chamber Pillow

The pillow cover is composed of a medical grade, fluid-proof, anti-bacterial fabric designed to stretch in four directions. The core of the pillow consists of a hyperbaric memory foam compatible with oxygen-enriched environments. The fire retardant cover has been tested to CAL 117, and the foam cushion has been tested to S.I. No 1324 (as amended) 1988, – Schedule 1, Part 1, “Ignitability Test for Polyurethane Foam in Slab or Cushion” using BS5852, Part 2.

Hyperbaric Chamber Wedge Pillow

The pillow meets all appropriate hyperbaric oxygen enriched environment related safety codes for the foam and the cover. The cover of the wedge is made of the same fluid-proof, anti-static and anti-bacterial electrolyte fabric as the hyperbaric chamber mattress. The core of the wedge consists of compatible foam used in hyperbaric oxygen-enriched environments.