Ensuring your HBOT center runs as smoothly as possible.

Our dedicated service team provides preventive maintenance and emergency services ensuring your center runs as smoothly as possible.
Preventive Maintenance Agreements
All Preventative Maintenance Agreements are provided based on your equipment, its usage and any other specific requirements. We offer two standard Annual Preventative Maintenance Plans:

Silver Service

Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan
This service plan includes all necessary maintenance checks, adjustments, calibrations and safety inspections. An BARA·MED service engineer will replace or rebuild parts showing signs of wear.

Gold Service

Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan with Extended Warranty
This 12-month program provides all necessary repairs during the warranty period along with the necessary maintenance checks, adjustments, calibrations and safety inspections.

Note: Contracts do not include equipment upgrades or service calls resulting from operator misuse, abuse, loss of facility services or damage from unforeseen events, as well as expendable and consumable products such as wrist straps, door gaskets, pillows, wedge cushions and mattresses.
Complimentary Technical Assistance
BARA·MED offers complimentary technical assistance by phone to all contract customers between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST. For technical assistance, call John Jacob at 215-355-9100 x1113.
Emergency Service
BARA·MED offers emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the continental U.S.
Guaranteed 48 hour response time to any location in the continental United States
BARA·MED assures that any downtime is minimal. International location may take longer than 48 hours contingent on availability of appropriate travel arrangements.
Complimentary Needs Assessment
Knowing your center’s requirements maximizes your treatment offerings as well as the professional, cost-effective manner in which they are delivered. Let BARA·MED’s experienced personnel assist in your facility evaluation. We provide an objective point-of-view on all aspects of your new Center. Our service assessment includes (but is not limited to) a review of work flow, facility design, equipment needs and integration.
New Equipment Integration Plan
BARA·MED will support each client with the technical expertise needed to integrate BARA·MED HBOT chambers into existing Centers. Integration includes commissioning and validating good function.
Installation Services
BARA·MED will transport, install, commission and validate all hyperbaric chambers. This service includes the hook-up of all utilities. All services not included in international orders.
BARA·MED Hyperbaric Chamber Spare Parts
BARA·MED carries a complete and growing catalog of spare parts for the BARA-MED line of hyperbaric chambers. All quotes for spare parts are supplied at no charge and can be obtained within a few business days in most cases.