Lower Ventilation Rate Than Other Hyperbaric Chambers

The ventilation rate of all BARA·MED chambers reduces total oxygen consumption, saving up to $8,000.00 per year, per chamber! An increase in savings over our competitors’ chambers!
Each BARA·MED hyperbaric chamber is designed with efficiency in mind without sacrificing quality patient care.
Decreased ventilation chamber rate
The ventilation rate of all BARA·MED chambers is 90 to 400 SLPM. This ventilation rate is lower than other chambers on the market and equates to an overall savings in oxygen use per treatment.
Immediate operational savings
BARA·MED chambers commence oxygen savings at the beginning of their very first treatment, giving facilities an immediately realized, quantifiable cost savings.
Long-term savings
Multiplied over time, the overall individual chamber oxygen savings converts into a real measurable dollar value of over $8,000.00 per year for each chamber.
No sacrifice to patient care
Even though hyperbaric chamber oxygen use is greatly reduced, there is no impact on the standard of care patients receive during treatment.