by industry certified hyperbaric chamber operators

Experienced Instructors
BARA·MED’s industry certified hyperbaric chamber operators will effectively maintain and operate any BARA·MED chamber, safely and efficiently, in your own clinical environment or our in-house hyperbaric clinic.
Targeted Curriculum
BARA·MED’s operator training program is targeted to achieve two main objectives; operation and maintenance.
The operation curriculum educates your team to effectively operate the chamber in the most efficient, safe and comfortable manner for the patient. The maintenance portion teaches how to maintain the chamber to optimize function and to extend the life of your hyperbaric chamber.
Routine Preventive Maintenance
Our instructors provide the tools needed to perform routine chamber maintenance and ensure that the chamber remains in proper working condition, before, during and after all HBOT treatments.
Chamber Operation
We ensure all operators are proficient and comfortable with the BARA·PRESS chamber control software, and the SMOOTH RIDE curvilinear compression protocol. As a safety precaution, all operators are taught to use the chamber in manual mode, in the rare case of a system or power failure. After completion of this portion, we educate your operators to troubleshoot and correct minor operational challenges.
BARA·MED’s Operator Training Program provides

  • Basic overview of hyperbaric medicine
  • BARA·PRESS and SMOOTH RIDE software functionality and operation
  • Manual chamber operation in the instance of a system or power failure
  • Fire safety
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting

BARA·MED’s In-House Hyperbaric Clinic
All hands-on training is conducted in BARA·MED’s in-house hyperbaric clinic. This area is a scaled version of a real clinic, complete with an operational BARA-MED XD, gurneys, O.S.C.A.R. and other vital clinical features. This area was designed to provide trainees with the most realistic clinical training environment without affecting real patient treatment schedules.
On-Site Customer Training

As an option, BARA·MED can train you and your staff on your own chambers, at your own clinic. This allows you and your staff a higher degree of comfort and familiarity.